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Here's a list of projects that's currently being worked on.

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Use Enums for Tags

This post is going to describe why Enums are perfect for tags in iOS and macOS apps written with SwiftUI.
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Coffee Timer App - LS:002

A recap of what I did on Live Stream #2 for the coffee timer app.
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Make a Count Up Timer using Swift and SwiftUI

In this post, we are going to make a count up timer using Swift and SwiftUI
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Coffee Timer App Development

I'm starting a new live stream series of developing an app from scratch. Watch every Monday at 6:30pm CDT.
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Moved my Apps by MW website to Jekyll

In this post, I explain why and how I moved my blog to a Jekyll and Git based versus being triggered by
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iHog Development Live Stream April 18th, 2020

Live Stream video of me working on iHog from my YouTube archive.
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