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It's generally recommended to use tubs or pvc reptile cages instead. Glass tanks can be very challenging for ball python husbandry due to the high amount of air flow with the screen top and the total lack of insulation with the glass walls.

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I'll talk about which ones i like to use and why.

Best substrate for ball pythons reddit. Here are the 5 snake substrates i review in the article: That's going to make your temperature control and humidity maintenance a complete and total nightmare, if not outright impossible. A thermostat for keeping temperatures in the ideal zone (for heat mats or tape only) water and humidity.

Paper towels or aspen with an added humid hide. Aspen but because it doesn't fair well in high humidity, make sure you'll put humidity box as well to compensate for dryer substrate. More environmentally friendly than other options, large enough pieces it doesn't get dusty but small enough that ingestion isn't an issue.

These cages are made for reptiles such as chameleons, they are not at all suitable for ball pythons. In this video i'm going to talk about different substrate options for your ball pythons. For a small, young ball python, the exo terra short all glass terrarium from amazon would be perfect!

Inexpensive and holds humidity well. For ball pythons, the prima donnas of the snake world, reptile prime is your best option for their delicate constitutions. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor, too.

The best substrate for ball pythons in my opinion is either aspen or coconut husk. It is a good price and includes free shipping. You can also go with coconut mulch, but i find it harbors moths.

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Basking light is essential for providing adequate heating in the python’s enclosure. Rainbow boas come from an area with a high humidity level. The walls and ceiling are made entirely of mesh to allow tons of air flow throughout the enclosure.

Cedar and sand substrates are dangerous as they can cause respiratory infections if inhaled. I use mainly coconut coir husk substrate, it's aesthetically pleasing and quite soft to the touch compared to cypress mulch which have some very hard and sharp pieces which worry me a bit. Best, in my opinion, is coconut mulch.

Diy tropical mix — 40% organic topsoil, 40% zoo med reptisoil, 20% play sand. Glass tanks can work, but they require a lot of. Some sturdy branches or artificial vines for the snake to climb on;

Some sources stated eco earth (ground coconut husk) is best because of humidity demands for ball pythons. I’ve done the research to show you the top 6 coconut substrates on the market by looking at their textures, how well they hold humidity and price. Keep in mind that everything should be purchased and set up before you get the snake.

The best substrate for banana ball pythons is cypress mulch or orchid bark. Coconut husk substrate is the most popular substrates to choose for your ball python to create the most natural environment. Coco coir is the best substrate for ball pythons.

Sand is a really bad idea. The basking spot for ball pythons is important for helping them to warm their bodies. Avoid the bad and choose what works best for you from the good:

However, it’s easy to clean and has no sharp edges. Feed your bumblebee ball python morph once every five to seven days. 1 bag of topsoil + 1 24qt bag of reptisoil + 1 bag of play sand works well for.

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My snakes never had problems shedding when kept on aspen with a water bowl they could soak in if they had to. Wood enclosures can also be suitable if they're designed well and sealed properly to protect the wood against moisture. I use kritter krumble brand, the coarse version is perfect.

“substrate” is another word for bedding. Thus, it is essential to provide the basking spot for your ball python. Ball python heat sensors have been shown to detect changes as small as.003°c, according to scientists.

There are good ball python substrates, and then there are bad substrates you should never use. You could use paper towels but it will bump up humidity too much if it gets wet. It’s always better to do a little bit of.

Now that you have a better idea of how to treat your new bumblebee ball python morph, let’s sketch in a few details about general care for ball pythons. Even though ball pythons prefer to live in burrows, they sometimes come out in the sun to bask. The biggest problem is the enclosure material.

For healthy snakes there is no reason to use anything else. Approximate cost before prey or ball python purchase: My only complaint is that the substrate is a bit light, and the snake moves it around a lot.

We also recommend finding an experienced reptile veterinarian in your area. Worst is the reptile carpet because it's gross and can't really be washed, paper towel (as a permanent substrate) because it gives zero burrowing opportunity and aspen because it molds easily in a high humidity cage like a bp needs. If you own a different species of snake, you may find another substrate on this page to be beneficial.

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If you are so concerned about impaction, don't give your snake a wet rodent that can have substrate stick to it and you won't need to keep yourself up at night. Ball pythons, on the other hand, do not need to. This sense creates a mental image just like how a bat might see its environment using echolocation.

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Best Substrate For Ball Pythons Reddit

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