How To Drink Mezcal Neat

So you’re a tequila drinker—a sipper, a snob, a stasher of rare earthen bottles. It doesn’t need to be chilled, just room temperature, in one of those glasses.

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Let the flavor unfold in your mouth.

How to drink mezcal neat. You might have noticed that mezcal distillers almost always choose the jícara to drink their mezcal. And while mezcal is taking over cocktail lists in american bars, south of the border, you’ll find it served exactly one way: The drinking experience with del maguey is authentic — as is the brand’s.

Take a sip and swish it around in your mouth. “for whiskey, you’ll drink out of a glass with a thinner mouth. That might sound a bit severe, especially during oaxaca’s sweltering afternoons, but while tequila is produced from a single agave, mezcal can be distilled from upwards of 30 different plants.

Why that is, i’m not exactly sure; Now that you have chosen your drinking vessel, we recommend you start by tasting mezcal neat! We serve neat pours of mezcal at room temperature by default.

It's the traditional way mezcal is served in oaxaca. However, i can speculate that since this vessel derives from nature itself, it’s become tradition to drink both distillates and ferments with. Mezcal works great as an aperitif or alongside your favorite mexican dish, for example, and in those cases you want it served neat out of either a brandy tumbler.

We encourage you to try mezcal this way at least once, before adding water, ice, or any other ingredient. The definition of a neat drink is, “a single,. Enjoy it neat and at room temperature.

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Surrender to the journey of hundreds of years distilled into every sip. Here, 10 of our favorite mezcal concoctions that are worth getting excited about. Serving mezcal straight at room temperature is the best way to experience its colorful flavors and aromas.

Below, bank outlines a proper mezcal tasting in the same manner that one would sip a fine scotch — though the methods are very different. The definition of a neat drink is, “a single, unmixed spirit served at room temperature without a mixer.” they’re typically served in a rocks glass or a snifter , and come in two ounce servings.the infusion gets shaken with with three green ingredients:the lime juice and agave are used to enhance the smokiness of the mezcal and add a. Serving mezcal in a shot glass.

“the best way to drink mezcal will always be clean, in small sips similar to small kisses, always accompanied by a little water to cleanse the palate and hydrate,” medina says. “this includes any decent scotch, mezcal, whiskey, bourbon, rum (i personally prefer my tequilas, gins and vodka with a bit. Maestro mezcalero rogelio juan hernandez is the man behind the production of the spirit, which comes either as a solo bottle or in a stunning gift box.

Do you drink mezcal neat or on the rocks? This is an ensamble mezcal (meaning a mezcal made from more than one type of agave) made from both espadin and tobala agave. Ultimately you should enjoy mezcal however you like it best, subject to your personal preference.

When it comes to drinking mezcal neat on a cool, fall evening, marla white, lead bartender at lona cocina & tequilera in fort lauderdale, florida prefers del maguey. “the copitas are shaped that way for a reason,” says bank. It’s one of the best mezcals for both cocktails and sipping neat, making it a good standalone mezcal in any home bar.

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You spend 20 minutes poring over the spirit list at a divey mexican restaurant while your friends mindlessly plow. (before we get into the nitty gritty, read this explainer on how mezcal differs from tequila. The best way to drink mezcal is out of a jicara and accompanied by orange slices sprinkled with worm salt.

On a hot summer day like today, sometimes we like to serve mezcal neat but. “mezcal can be sipped from a jicara, veladora, or even a stem glass with a narrow nose to intensify and trap the many layers of flavor in the particular mezcal being sipped. Take a little sip as you would first kiss a lover.

While mezcal is traditionally sipped neat in its native mexico, the smoky spirit is being incorporated more and more into cocktails that benefit from its savory complexity—and it’s a trend we can get behind. So, the best way to drink mezcal is always neat, straight up. The best way to drink mezcal straight is without ice.

You don’t need to put any ice. If you’re brand new to mezcal, you’ve probably been introduced to the agave liquor in a cocktail. We were in mexico and in the cantinas and restaurants, they always give you your glass in a plate with some orange wedges, and then they sprinkle some, even some salt.

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How To Drink Mezcal Neat

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