How To Measure Trailer Axle With Brakes

A trailer or pole trailer is required to have brakes if its gross weight exceeds 4,500 lbs. Measurement # 2 = spring center.

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In australia the maximum trailer width is 2.5 metres.

How to measure trailer axle with brakes. Is not required to have brakes if it is towed at a speed of not more than. You need to know that the brake assembly is compatible with the brake mounting flange and with the drum's diameter and depth. Measurement # 1 = axle track.

3,500lb trailer axles, electric brake axles, idler axles, axle kits. The hubs are the round discs that the wheels attach to (the discs that have the bolts from which. Let's refer to this chart:

The axle will either have brakes (braking axle), or no brakes (idler axle). The measurement from the face of one hub to the face of the other. This is built in at the factory, but you can specify the desired angle when buying a torsion axle.

You want an axle that is similar to the one currently under the trailer to avoid any problems with clearance. We even have a section on selecting the right axles and options in the instructions of the plans we sell. It fits a 17mm spanner on 160mm, 200mm, and 203mm brakes.

You just need to measure from the inside diameter of the drum, as well as its depth. A trailer with a gross weight between 4,500 lbs. Rockwell american axles come with a premium powder coated finish.

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In either case, the hub face (hf) measurement is measured to the same place, the outside face of the hub that holds the tires on. You can measure any axle on your trailer if there are more than 1. If you determine that the axle is indeed bent, you'll need the following information to get the correct replacement axle.

Hook the end of a tape measure on the outside face of 1 of the trailer hubs. A drop axle just allows the trailer to sit lower, usually 4″ for a leaf spring style. The hub face measurement is also called the track width or center of tire measurement.

Brakes if your electric brake controller is supplying full amperage to the brakes. Number 1 is the adjuster which is a hexagon shape on knott brakes. The correct fitted brake set to suit your specific trailer application & load carrying capacity, can be supplied by mullins in either electric, mechanical, or hydraulic type brake kits.

The inside diameter and the depth of the brake drum is what determines the necessary width of the brake pads. On 250mm brakes the adjuster is 19mm. What trailer brakes do i need?

Therefore, there is no drop. Our brakes are designed to meet all applicable safety. (generally adding 2” to the spring center measurement can determine the frame width.) also check out the common axles.

How to measure a trailer axle. If you could reply with the above information, i'd be. your axle based on the current style you currently have on your trailer.

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You will need to measure to select the correct brake assemblies for your axles. The other thing you need to know is the bolt pattern, which you already know is four bolts. Trailer axle spring center is the distance between the center of one spring to the center of.

Trailer axle drop is the distance from the centerline of spindle to bottom of the main axle tube. Hub face (hf) and spring centers (sc) are what we use to determine your axle width and placement. Trailer axles can be supplied fully assembled, fitted with hubs or fitted with brakes.

To do this wheels and any hubs must be removed. It is positioned directly opposite where the brake cable enters. How to measure an axle.

How to order an axle. When loaded to capacity, you may not be able to lock your brakes as electric brakes are designed to slow the trailer at a controlled rate, and not designed to lock up the wheels on a fully loaded trailer. Measure the overall length of the axle including the end of the spindle.

To determine the size of the brake assemblies you need you have to measure the depth and width of the hub drum on the axle like what you see in the picture i attached. (the face is where the wheel sits against the hub.) the measurement from the center of one spring pad to center of the other. In straight axles, you measure from the spindle centerline and axle main beam center line.

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Torsion style trailer axles handle the drop a little different. These can be recognised, without removing the drum, from the back. In a world of instant ordering on the web, this may seem a little old fashion, but it’s the right way to get the axle, and the trailer you want.


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