How To Tell Your Mom You Just Started Your Period

You don't need to go to the doctor. I just stood in my bathroom freaking out.

"Sober," is Demi Lovato's song and I couldn't help but

So she will completely understand, just be honest and say, mom, i think my period has started.

How to tell your mom you just started your period. Genetics play a big part in how you develop and if your mom got her period at 15 and you’re 12 right now, your period may not arrive for another couple of years. If you haven’t talked to her yet, find a time where she’s alone and say that you just wanted to let her know you’ve started your period. Start by saying something like, “i feel a bit awkward about this, but i need to talk to you about my periods”.

You can leave something like, “mom, i’m on my period and i need your help to get over hurt. If it feels comfortable for you, you could take a direct approach and just tell your mum how you’re feeling. Everything will beokay i already got my period and i was soo scared to ttell my mom about it but i finally diiddd she went to the store a d got me padsss.

Talking about puberty with your mom is a big milestone. If you don't have a purse, get one!! Write something like, “mom, i got my period.

By megan minneman morton ever since we brought our new from Say something simple like, “mom, i just want to let you know, i started my period today.” if you want to tell your dad first, or your mom’s not around, tell him the same thing, which will make it clear and brief. One thing you can do to help predict when you’ll get your first period is ask your mom when she started hers;

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Life will go on like normal, it'll need getting used to. But remember that menstruation is a completely normal and natural part of many people’s lives: Tell your dad if you have one.

She will be able to help you. Let her know that this is your first period and she will provide you with supplies and advice. If your mom started her period at the age of 12, your own period is likely start within a year of your 12th birthday.

Talk to the school nurse if you're not comfortable talking to your teacher. By that way, she can start the conversation with you next time together. Your mom went through the exact same thing, and so did her mother before her.

Take a deep breath, walk up to her and say something like, this is really embarrassing, but i need to talk to you about my first period. she might be surprised, but your mom can get to the point right away — and she’ll probably do her best to make. Also your school should have some in the washroom. If i were you, get your aunt to get you super absorbent pads with wings.

Sure, it sucks with athletic events at school. One way to find out is to ask your mom, because many times your own biological clock will be similar. Make sure you feel comfortable!

You can write anything related to your problems related to your period. Really though, you could just take the most direct approach and just tell her your feelings! Another thing, don't flip your mattress!!!

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That way, your mum knows right away what the problem is about, and you’ve got it out there without prolonging any. You can even send mom a text message on her phone. If you're faking your period because your friends have all started, you probably want to know when your own is likely to start.

You might hear that starting your period makes you a grown woman, but it doesn’t. You just have your period now.”. She can also help you find the right products.

Oh don't worry, my period started when i was nine, just tell your mom, buy some tampons, you'll need larger ones later on, for now you just need the small ones. How to tell your mom you have started your period. If you can’t bring yourself to tell them in person, text your mom or dad.

If you feel confident about taking care of your period, you might want to have a “mom and me” day and tell her when you’re out together. Your dad probably just grabbed whatever he could get int the cart as quickly as possible lol!!! Plus, it’s a good time to have a conversation with your mom about all the changes you’re experiencing.

Remember, your mom will go through this too. I remember, i started and i was like mom, get in the car we need to go to the store. If your mom started her period at the age of 12, your own period is likely start within a year of your 12th birthday.

If you are achy or hurting, let the nurse know that as well. I had, indeed, heard people say this. Getting your period for the first time can be scary, and the prospect of having to tell your mom can be even worse!

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In addition to these body changes, you can also ask your mom when she started her period. Ask your teacher for a pass to visit the nurse or go in between class periods. You’re the same as you were yesterday.

And i was immensely relieved by my mom’s words. The only thing is they are usually as useless as a boob on a bull. Here are some ways to start the conversation with your mom.

It’s likely that you’ll get your first period within a year or so of when she got hers. You can just tell me when you’re on your period.

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How To Tell Your Mom You Just Started Your Period

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