Coffee Companion


Coffee Companion is an iOS app that helps you make pour over coffee. It has a timer built in and will calculate the amount of water needed for the blooming process and the total water.

Development is streamed every Monday at 1:00pm CST on and should last about 2 hours. Feel free to drop by even if you don’t have a Twitch account. You can watch previous development on


  • Editable coffee to water ratio
  • Editable blooming time
  • Editable bloom ratio
  • Count up timer

How to Contribute

The app is open sourced, but I am currently not taking contributions to the app. If you have ideas or noticed an issue please file an issue on the GitHub repo.

Are you using Coffee Companion or want to see further development on it? Buy me a coffee so that I can stay up late and work on Coffee Companion.

Or support Coffee Companion monthly on Apps by MW's Patreon.